5 thoughts on “How to remit money in China to the China Merchants Bank "Hong Kong One Card" account”

  1. If the Mainland China Merchants Bank savings card is transferred to Hong Kong dollars or US dollars to Hong Kong, it can be transferred through the China Merchants Bank Online Banking Volkswagen Edition or Professional Edition.
    If you are a domestic resident, transfer to Hong Kong through the popular version of the online banking, and the single -day limit cannot exceed 50,000 yuan;
    It cannot exceed $ 20,000.

  2. 1. If you are using a professional version, log in to the professional version to select "Foreign Exchange Management" - "Overseas remittance" - "Hong Kong One Card".

    2. If the remittance function of a different place is not opened, please click "Functional Application" - "Professional Edition Transfer Remote Application Application and Limited Settings" to fill in the corresponding information. Information confirmation opens.

    The details:
    1, every working day (Hong Kong and the Mainland are working days), no more than 80,000 yuan can be remitted, and within the daily limit set by the customer setting (please please (please please please Note: Only residents holding Hong Kong ID cards can be handled).

    2, China Merchants Bank's Hong Kong card account was originally the original, no need to press the funds in the bank, the monthly fee of 5 Hong Kong dollars, which is much better than other banks.
    The cost of remittances is also relatively low, especially if you pay for money and exchange RMB to deposit in the Mainland China Merchants Bank, it is free.
    The maintenance is very convenient. You can modify the password in the Mainland. The Hong Kong Merchants Bank Hong Kong stock charges are also the lowest.

  3. Hello, if you are using a professional version, please log in to the professional version to select "Foreign Exchange Management"-"Overseas remittance"-"Hong Kong One Card". [Reminder: RMB cannot be remitted cross -border. You need your account to have a foreign currency balance (if you need to buy foreign exchange, please buy foreign exchange) and reserve sufficient RMB for handling fee] R n If you do not open the remittance function of the off-site, please click "Functional Application"-"Professional Edition Transfer Remote Application Application and Limited Settings" to fill in the corresponding information, type √ before "remittances in different places", fill in the relevant information to confirm the opening.

    If still have a cartoon question, welcome to log in to "Online Customer Service" consultation: forum.cmbchina/cmu/icslogin.aspx? From = B

  4. It can be remitted. Like foreign remittances, each bank is required by its own bank. Buy the Hong Kong dollars first, and then remit through it. Do not exceed the foreign exchange quota every year.

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