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  1. How to do a good job of sanitary ware
    This bathroom sales is very hard. The following is the related articles I collect and organize for you. I hope it can help you. If you feel good, you can share it with more Multiple friends!

    Mo how to do a good job of bathroom sales 1 How to do the sale of bathroom
    The question will ask a question: how to let customers open orders? In fact, in sales, there is no secret to open orders. No one dares to pack tickets and say that sales can be opened 100 %. Some are just the way to increase sales transaction rates. Below is some of my methods to summarize the sales of bathroom stores:
    1. Welcome to customers and consider customers.
    The enthusiastic smile is the best gift for customers to enter the door, which can make customers feel relaxed. Then invite customers to sit down and rest, and give some fruit juice and candy at the same time to allow customers to relax further.
    2. Do not actively sell products
    We we provided to customers is not bathroom products, we provide decoration solutions. First prepare 500 different styles of bathroom pictures (you can find it from the Internet, you can go to the scene to take pictures and other methods), then select 100 photos from them, and then prepare 100 suggestions or precautions on the decoration of the bathroom. Finally The opinion is drawn (one picture, one suggestion) and placed on the table. When the customer sat down, we did not talk about the toilets and showers. We only talk about the decoration design and precautions of the bathroom with the customer. As customers look at the icon, they think about the design of their toilet, and then they will think of the product. When they think of the product, they will think of us. As long as they ask, our success rate is great.
    3. Attracting customers
    The 500 pictures we searched cannot be wasted. You can prepare a larger LED display or computer display, put it on the eye -catching place at the door of the store, let the passing pedestrians see it at a glance, and then play 500 decoration pictures. And if you have to decorate again, you will naturally pay attention. If you can stop, the chance of entering the door will be great. By the way, the author recommended a book "I tell you everything" is Lan Xiaoyu.
    4. Gift of small gifts
    Is when we deliver, you can leave small objects in the toilet in it, such as cleaning toilets and cushions. Think of customers to open the box and see these toilets. When it is commonly used, will you warm your heart?
    The necessary conditions for bathroom sales
    The shop location
    The choice of store location is directly related to the performance of abortion and store sales. There are concentrated markets and different positions, and it is important to prepare for the opening of bathroom franchise stores in advance.
    The image (door image)
    The design of the head is the first place in the terminal design. The first visual impression, the first experience of entering the store starts from the door. Many bathroom franchise stores do not pay attention to the packaging of the store door in reality. It is like selling bathroom products. The price label that must be paired determines the purchase action of consumers, as well as the value of the brand and products in the minds of consumers. Therefore The best advertisement.
    This promotion is not for promotional promotion, and the promotion is just to increase the atmosphere and the source of customers. Promotion is one of the main factors to increase consumer consumption desire, especially in the bathroom industry. It is very necessary to perform promotional operations. Systems and frequent promotional strategies can bring a lot of sales performance to the brand, but not only limited to some promotional means or during a certain period, various festivals and customs can be used as the timing of choosing sanitary product promotion.
    In advertising
    The must be necessary. All advertising resources such as television, magazines, newspapers, communities, outdoor, etc. can be integrated and utilized. Small brands are concentrated in advertising resources, and they are targeted with strong mainstream advertising forms. For terminal transmission, bathroom franchise stores cannot be air -made advertising resources, otherwise the bamboo basket will be vacant; and because of its strength, the form of communication can be scale.
    Chat business
    The business division system of sanitary franchise store brand terminal sales. This is what is necessary for business expansion. Without standardized business expansion models, it will cause confusion and easy to take care of each other.
    On word of mouth
    The bathroom is an industry established by reputation. A survey shows that a customer can directly or indirectly bring a total of nearly thirty customer resources. They passed to the relevant person, this is a chain reaction, which is one of the most important forms of communication in the bathroom industry for many years.
    The entire relationship network of bathroom franchise store brand is collectively called human connections. This requires enterprises to establish a complete set of human connection management folders. A salesperson must have their own system, which can serve the required customers very timely.
    wants to do a good job in the bathroom franchise store, entrepreneurs must earnestly start the analysis of the promotional plan. In addition, they must also pay attention to the selection of the store location, carefully decoration and design, and always allow customers With a refreshing feeling, you can get a high popularity!
    Mo how to do a good job of bathroom sales 2 During the investigation of specialty stores, a phenomenon is often found: When customers enter the door, our shopping guides can basically go up to welcome customers in time, and be able to say "Hello, welcome to the XX specialty store, welcome to the XX specialty store "This greeting language, if this customer is more cheerful or has no alert communication, it is not difficult to communicate. At least it can be introduced around the product, but once the customer's alertness is strong or introverted or not good at communication, it will come out. It is often numb and I do n’t know how to get down. Introduce a sentence in the east, follow the customer behind the butt, and occasionally ask the customer's decoration situation and basic information, but the customer is basically a word -building. Or if you do n’t answer your mouth, the result is that the customer comes in and goes out.
    A communication is a lubricant between people, but what is communication? In terms of literal understanding, there is no obstacle (ditch) between two people, and can let go of the heart to talk. For shopping guide, communication must be active and learn to be close. No matter what kind of customers are facing, try to pry open the customer's mouth. In addition to using various techniques customer. In daily life, we see that some people are typical "self -familiarity". No matter who you meet, if you can't finish talking, just like old friends, you can quickly let the other party accept themselves. Why do they do this? The most fundamental one is: when you can laugh, you will take the initiative to talk to the direction of the gap and guide the customer.
    So to become a qualified strong shopping guide, you must learn the ditch, otherwise everything will not be mentioned. What is the essence of sales in the building materials industry? It is not to sell things to customers, but to help customers choose the product that suits him and be a customer's home improvement consultant. Only by doing this can believe that we can choose our products smoothly. At the market terminal, we often discover that our shopping guide sells their products to customers, and the smallpox of their products blows up. Customers look at Model A at a glance and talk about A's selling point and advantages. To exaggerate the B product, the customer saw the C model and began to analyze how C is selling well. In short, the customer introduces whatever you see, and the customer's brain dizzy looks good. Another situation is that our shopping guide takes customers to turn back and forth in the store, or by the customer with the shopping guide back and forth, explaining the confusion of the customer's tongue and the customer's face for two hours. In a philosophical sentence: good things are not good. The reason for the above problem lies in the tour guide as a tour guide for tourist attractions instead of industry experts and consultants. Because the specialty building materials products of the industry have not received the general attention of consumers, most of them are emergency to learn some knowledge and choose the product. The word "-The credibility is not very high, especially in the face of customers who lack the lack of decoration knowledge, it is even more important to be a consultant. At this time, the shopping guide needs to remind customers some important attention points, and even help customers choose one or two products that are suitable for him to recommend it to him.
    If to reach this level, you must have the following conditions:
    Is. First, the shopping guide needs to have a certain understanding of the home improvement knowledge and building materials industry, at least the common sense of home improvement must be known. Be able to tell customers what progress is done, what issues should be paid attention to when decorating, how to match the color of your own products to adapt to the overall decoration style of the customer ...
    It, only after understanding the customer's certain information can it Recommend a certain model or a certain product. This also involves the previous communication. At least through communication, we must know at least the address, decoration progress, decoration style, color tone, personal preferences, members of the family, etc. There is no recommendation.
    It, to help customers choose one or two products that are most suitable for him and actively recommend it, and gradually reduce the customer's selection range. Of course, this choice is determined based on the actual situation of the customer's family and the preferences at the time. Only by using the knowledge that they control, the customer's eye -catching point can be focused, and we can concentrate and understand our products.
    The noteworthy is that the number of recommendations should not exceed three models. Too many customers still cannot make decisions quickly. Too few customers lack room for choice. Usually, the method of choosing one is most effective. Why don't customers buy your product? Most shopping guides answered: Our products are too expensive, or customers just come to turn around for the first time. Is it really expensive? Why do customers always say to look around? The fundamental reason is that these customers do not understand the products sold by the shopping guide at all. In this case, "expensive or going around" has become an excuse for customers to leave, and it has also become a reason for shopping guides to sell goods.
    How did they introduce? I found a problem in the store for a while. For example, when I was investigating in the A furniture store, I found that the shopping guide's introduction to the leather sofa: Our sofa is a pure cowhide imported from Italy. It has high color fastness, good elasticity and breathability, high mechanical strength, warm winter and cool in summer. Let's look at how the shopping guide of the B brand is introduced: Our leather sofa uses the head layer of the three -year -old yellow ox imported from Italy, and it is all green skin. Only more than 100 cowhide can be selected. Hold a tip of your fingertips and drag it up. Is it flexible and powerful? Some leather sofa uses the two or three layers of leather of water or cowhide, and the quality is much different ... It sounds like that the A brand shopping guide is introduced well, and it is also involved in the company's materials. The problems of several sofa stores came out. The shopping guide of each leather sofa shop was introduced like this. They were talking about the common characteristics of the cowhide.
    The leather sofa corresponds to the fabric sofa. If the customer can choose when the two are selected between the two, the customer can choose between the leather sofas of several brands. There is no new idea at all, and there is no differentiation of the leather sofa between several brands at all. The introduction of the B brand shopping guide is in place. She is talking about the difference between her leather sofa and other brand leather sofas. She specially emphasizes differentiation: her three -year -old little ox head skin, others may be four The cow's cowhide of the year old and five -year -old; you are the orange leather, and the other people may be the water cowhide; it is the whole green skin, the others may be semi -green or ordinary leather; Zhang, other people may choose more than 100 or 80 of them; their feelings are flexible and powerful, and others may be loose in texture ... How should we introduce the product?
    The comparison of its own brand and competitive brand, emphasizing differentiation rather than introducing industry knowledge alone.
    The on the basis of comparison, let customers know how their products are different from competitors 'products, and how to make it better than competitors' products.
    Is to attract customers' attention and increase the interests of customers while introducing. Price is the most headache for building materials shopping guides. The failure of each sales will be related to the price. The basic situation is that as long as the customer starts to ask the price, it is not far from the end of the sales. There are usually two ways to ask customers in real sales. The first is to ask how much money is the same in one minute when you enter the door? The second is that customers know about the price. The shopping guide that is easy to fall into the dead corner of the price is usually the customer answered immediately after asking the price, and then the customer said for granted: It is so expensive, let's chea. The price game will be deadlocked around this problem from the beginning, unless the sale is absolutely concession or the sale fails. This situation is staged in various brands every day.
    In order to prevent the price of the price, there are usually several ways to solve the following ways:
    Is, the price of the interval. Customers can use a large range to deal with after asking the price. For example, our price is from 100 to 1000. It mainly depends on the one you like. I will introduce it to you here ... In this way, the price can be avoided.
    Is, the expected price. In the face of the above situation, if the customer says: You can say how much this is, I want to look at the price first and then look at the product. At this time, the price must be reported, but it cannot be reported directly. Instead, it is necessary to give the customer a psychological expectation: this product is the latest development of this year. The price is X. Although the price is now told, the product has attached value to the product before, and then the acceptable ability to take a prevention needle.
    The third, dodge price. For example, the price of the kitchen cabinet is mainly determined based on the size of the kitchen and his configuration. How large is your kitchen? This answer can be directly transferred to the area, and the end is ends in the question, allowing customers to answer the question along the question.
    The four, in -depth price. If the customer knows the price for the product, the price is almost time to ask the price, and the shopping guide can push the sales process to the next link. Is it a budget? (Fighting gestures allow customers to sit down.) In short, using the above methods may not be able to completely solve the problem of price dead corners, but it can avoid the occurrence of price deadly problems to the greatest extent.
    Sales are an industry that exercise people, and it is also an industry that needs to be proactive. If you want to be invincible, you must learn to take the initiative. Whether it is active offense, it is better to take the initiative to defend. In short, the initiative must be stronger than passive. One of the characteristics of the furniture and building materials industry is that every consumer must turn two laps, even three times, and five laps in the market to finally decide which brand of products to buy. One of the problems involved at this time is how to let customers leave the store come back again.
    In this environment, most shopping guides chose to stay in the rabbit, thinking that if customers like him, they will naturally buy it. This unanimous sales behavior also led to the loss of a large number of customers. If you take your efforts or take relevant measures, it is believed that more than 10%of customers will return again.
    How to avoid ignoring it, the author summarizes the following points.
    The first, try to leave the customer's phone number and strengthen the tracking. If the customer is still choosing a stage, the speculators must give a call to the customer on the second or third day of the customer's departure to understand the customer's purchase situation, understand the customer's view of their products, and find a way to dispel the customer's doubts. Then agreed the time for the next interview. Even if the customer has paid the deposit, it must be tracked on a regular basis to avoid customers from regretting the order or being grabbed by the competition.
    It, strengthen the relationship between related product shopping guide and form a single order. The customer's home dress is a whole. Floor, tiles, wallpapers, bathrooms, cabinets, ceilings, etc. will be selected one by one, and almost all choose products at the same price level and brand level. At this time, word -of -mouth marketing and relational marketing are very important. Others are others. In a word, say three words, so you must do a good job of related product shopping guide. Once you bring single interaction, it is equivalent to a person into a few people.
    It, the customer must return to visit from time to time after installation, understand the customer's usage in a timely manner, immediately solve the problem, and ask the customer to introduce it. The success rate of the introduction of the introduction is quite high when the customer is very satisfied. As a qualified terminal shopping guide, it is not just next, but every day is improving. The order rate naturally increased.
    Mo how to do a good job of bathroom 3 I. Customer: No, I will just take a look at
    [Error saying]
    ) Okay, it doesn't matter, you can just take a look.
    2) Well, you can see it first, let me call me if you need help.
    ) Shopping guide: Yes, installing a house is a big deal, you must understand and compare more. It doesn't matter, you can first look at our brand and products first. Where is your house, maybe your community is also useful?
    2) Shopping guide: It doesn't matter, buying things more, it's not easy to make money now, especially if it is important to install a house, it is completely necessary to understand it. It is first -class. However, my sister, I really want to introduce this XX series we developed to you. This is very good. You can learn about it first, here, please.
    . Customer: I go back to discuss with my family
    [Error response]
    ) This is really suitable for you, what do you discuss?
    2) It is really suitable, you don't need to consider it anymore.
    3) (speechless, start packing)
    4) Well, welcome to discuss it before you come back.
    ) Shopping guide: Yes, you can understand more. After all, decoration is a major event at home. It must be discussed with your family, so you won't regret it when you buy it. is this okay? You can sit for a while, I will introduce a few more products for you, you can compare it, so that you will be more comprehensive to consider.
    ) Shopping guide: Sir, if you are thinking about it, I can understand it. But what I want to tell you is that this set of products is very suitable for you, and it is also very cost -effective to buy now. You can see its style XX, its material XX, and the workmanship XX, and this product warehouse is now only XX. It's a pity if you don't install it in your home. Is this good? I will now help you book it for a while, because this product is very suitable for your home decoration style!
    . Invite customers to experience products
    [Error saying]
    ) If you like it, you can feel it.
    2) This is our new product, and its biggest advantage is XX.
    3) This is also good, you can take a look.
    ) Shopping guide: Sister, I really admire your vision, this is our new product, selling very well! I think this brick is very suitable for your ideas with your vision and your requirements for the arrangement of the room. Sister, I said it ’s good, come, let’ s take it out to see it, you come and see ...
    2) Shopping guide: Sister, you really have a vision, this brick is our latest model, this brick is our latest model, Design and build a high -quality customer! Come, let me introduce to you that this set of products use XX material and technology, which is very suitable for people who have requirements for life taste. Of course, I said that it ’s not good. The product is using it yourself, so you think that good is the most important thing. Sister, come, let's take it outside for you to see. You can feel this brick XX (directly guide customers to experience such as touch, feelings, etc.)

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