Offshore wind sector, CCS five technology services have these

As an important field of renewable energy development, offshore wind power is one of the key directions of global wind power development in recent years. The average annual growth rate of global offshore wind power from 2010 to 2020 reached nearly 30%. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) predicts that the installed capacity of global offshore wind power will reach 1000GW in 2050.

In recent years, CCS has made full use of its accumulated offshore facilities inspection technology, actively engaged in the offshore wind power industry, to help the construction of a green China, in the field of offshore wind power bloom, the development momentum is rapid. As a third party providing verification and inspection services, CCS provides comprehensive and life-cycle services including design review of offshore wind power facilities, design Approval in Principle for Development of New Facilities (AIP certification), independent review and calculation, third party inspection and classification inspection, operation, maintenance and disposal inspection.

Marine booster station verification

The sea upsurge station is the energy gathering center of the offshore wind farm, equivalent to the "heart" of the wind farm. By the end of 2021, CCS had provided third-party verification services for more than 40 offshore booster stations. First domestic offshore deep water offshore wind farm, huadian Yang Jiang Qingzhou three 500 mw offshore wind farms offshore booster station, the world's largest, Asia's first offshore converter station, the three gorges converter station and other domestic trademark some sea sea booster station projects are provided by CCS authentication inspection services, fully involved in the project design, construction, transportation, installation and commissioning, With professional services for the safety of the project escort, has won the trust and support of all parties.

Stationary offshore fan

At present, the fixed fan foundations widely used in our country mainly include types such as single pile, catheter rack, high pile cap and tube foundation. The largest single pile diameter is already nearly 9m, and the diameter of tube foundation has reached 30m. CCS has undertaken a number of design review and independent review projects for stationary offshore wind turbines in recent years. Including the wind farm single pile foundation design review of Tangshan Leting Boti Island Offshore Wind Farm 300MW Demonstration Project, the fan foundation design and construction drawing review of Guangdong Yudean Zhanjiang Wailuo Offshore Wind Power Project Phase II, the single pile foundation drawing review of Yudean Xinliao Offshore Wind Farm, the suction cylinder foundation design review of Fuqing Haitan Channel Offshore Wind Farm, etc. Relying on the technology and experience of the project, CCS is engaged in Marine fan support structure is the key technology and research on specification, target fixed by sea fan large diameter single pile foundation pile soil nonlinear coupling analysis research, the key technologies of bucket foundation design and validation studies, form a fixed offshore fan support structure guide, Further improve the service capacity of CCS offshore wind power facilities.

Floating offshore fan

Floating offshore wind turbines are not restricted by geological conditions and waterway navigation, and are more economical in deep water. With the advent of large-scale development, floating offshore wind turbines will become a new track in the future.

In 2019, CCS to assume the "floating on the sea wind power equipment relevant rules, regulations and standard research" project research and development work, such as research contents include the offshore floating wind power equipment related specifications, regulations and standard research and demonstration projects of offshore floating wind power platform design review results and floating wind power demonstration platform overall performance verification, etc. A few days ago, the project demonstration equipment "Fuyao" officially set sail from the terminal of Maoming Guanggang, Guangdong Province. The total weight of its floating body and unit exceeds 4000 tons. It is the largest floating wind turbine in China, filling the gap of China's far-reaching floating wind power equipment, and becoming a "sharp instrument" for China to march into the field of far-reaching sea energy development.

On July 13, 2021, "Three Gorges Leading", China's first floating offshore wind power platform invested and built by China Three Gorges New Energy (Group) Co., Ltd. successfully completed the installation of the mooring system and the platform in place in Yangjiang waters, Guangdong Province. CCS provided third-party verification services for the project, ranging from pre-design, onshore construction to offshore installation.

New offshore wind facilities

Facing the arrival of the era of parity in offshore wind power, innovation in science and technology, reducing cost and increasing efficiency is undoubtedly a way to be taken. In the past two years, CCS has been involved in the AIP certification of a number of new offshore wind facilities, For cimc raffles and together with Siemens energy research and development of pre-loaded type modular step-up substation solution, east China hospital sea sea site of block design optimization scheme, China merchants Marine equipment research institute new monolithic fan transport installation trimaran, China merchants heavy industry (jiangsu) co., LTD. 10 mw floating offshore wind power base platform, deep sea floating wind cnooc engineering platform, etc Aim To issue the Approval in principle (AIP) certificate, continuously provide technical support and certification services for the innovation and development of key products and projects in the field of wind power, and promote the industry to achieve leapfrog innovation and development.

Offshore wind farm facility specification system

As one of the leading classification societies in the field of offshore engineering business, CCS has accumulated rich engineering experience through a large number of project practices and established a perfect standard system for offshore wind farms with independent intellectual property rights. In recent years, CCS has been implementing the offshore wind farm facility inspection guide the offshore booster station platform guide the offshore wind farm facilities construction inspection guide "sea booster station platform fire engineering construction quality acceptance guide the offshore floating platform fan guide, offshore wind farm facilities to provide a full range of technical services.

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