1, what kind of woman is the most lonely? In fact, the most lonely woman is not single but clearly, has a family but does not rely on. The husband has nothing to do, is there not rely on the shoulder, not in favor, while no concern when upset, no injustice when comfort, the most important is that she can't like a single woman living naturally and unrestrained freedom.

2, I can have a clear conscience, but do not step by step to give way, life, not necessarily follow one's incline, but must have principles and bottom line.

3. I treat you the way you treat me. Strange! I can't believe you're angry 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược. And you ask me why I'm so horrible? If I hadn't treated you the way you treated me. You don't even know who you are. How scary is it?

4, a man, if your woman wears, hands, face, mouth, go out with, a variety of occasions spent not the same, is yours, that I love you, is how pale, there is a song of good, I take what dedication to you? My love, do you spit?

5, bite the mad dog don't go to beat him. One day the butcher will kill it, harm your villain don't go to him, the time to karma will find him.

3baa74e96aa8642f567a9ec4dd8f58716, the villain before calculating you will draw people around you to isolate you, crowd you out, in turn will be hypocritically good for you, honest people you have to have a pair of eyes ah.

7, you don't have to force him to stay away from ambiguity. If he really loves you, before he did something wrong, the first consideration is you, slag is slag, cheap is cheap, which has come so many reasons and excuses. His parents for decades did not educate him well. What qualifications do you have to tube him? Some people are shameless, you hurriedly let him roll, he fundamentally not mesa, you still take when a treasure like,

8, women really need a pattern than you, ability is stronger than you, vision than you long-term, teach you the way of the world, take you to grow up with the man, rather than blame you in trouble.

9. What is the woman with the best mentality? Do not envy those who also do not curry favor with who, do not want to change who will not be changed by others, who is good to me. I will be good to those who, everything depends on their own feelings, as for the rest, see the mood to see friendship, see the value.

10, there is a dog the dirtiest, no matter where you like to go out waves, everywhere with flowers and grass. He also thinks he is very capable. In fact, he is a piece of carrion, put where there are a bunch of flies around, he is not called capable. He called the dog can not change to eat shit is not picky about food, what shit to eat.

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